Ways to Earn from Instagram
Ways to Earn from Instagram
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Do you really want to make money from Instagram? If Yes, then you’re at the right place.

But the question of how you can really make money from Instagram or is it a myth.

It is true that you can actually make a lot via Instagram but as you know nothing comes in life for free.

I am not saying to invest your money and I am saying to invest your time to get to the goals that you have in your life.

With over a billion monthly users, 71% of users are under 35, Instagram is the platform for the aspiration, inspiration-and now, in-app checkout.

There are a lot of ways to make an income on Instagram but only three are major.

  • Work as an influencer to post content sponsored by the brands.
  • Work as an Affiliate to sell other people’s products.
  • Become an Entrepreneur and build your own brand.

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How to make money on Instagram?

Mode 1: Work as an Influencer

Do you know how much time you spend your time on Instagram and how much you see ads on the Instagram feed?

With more 500,000 active influencers on Instagram as early 2019. Instagram becomes the most influenced market by the follower.

The base requirement here is a decent follower count with a competitive engagement rate. In simple words, this strategy is for you if you’re good enough to make strangers on the internet like and trust you.

As an influencer, You don’t have to worry about a lot because of all you need a company that will pay you to post their product.

That sounds easy but you need to have an active user who follows you.

But there’s always a drawback too. Not everyone is going to search for you if you only have a sufficient amount of followers, you need almost above 100k followers.

Plus there is a lot of scammers out there targeting to get the profit without paying influencers.

Even if you succeed with the sponsored content route, you probably need to make a balance between your integrity and your revenue.

After all, it is your personal brand on the line. And people trust authenticity.

You only need to ask one question, “Does this fit my brand?”.

Here’s how to get started as an influencer.

Step 1:- Choose a niche.

If you really want to blow out and get paid on Instagram, then you need to live and breathe with your personal brand.

When you start doing what you love then the audience will automatically start linking with you emotionally.

You do not need many audiences to get attention to brands. According to the recent study, 55% of brands prefer micro-influencers, who they perceive to have a more authentic connection with your audience.

Connection with the audience plays the most important role here.

Step 2:- Build trust & grow your audience

You may be followed a million followed person but do you know that 81% of influencers have between 15k to 100k followers.

Do not panic, if you don’t have that much of a follower but there is no shortcut available. But there are some proven strategies to grow your account.

Commit to post consistently and commit to providing a value to your audience is the only to the source building trust.

Step 3:- Partner with Brands

There are mainly two ways to link up with brands.

  • Find them by pitching them directly. Contact the brand you admire yourself and tell them what you can offer. Your brand pitch needs to awesome and lets that brand to promote their brand.
  • Help them find you by signing up with an influencer marketing platform. There are several marketplaces for this. You can search it google easily.

On the positive note, if you are really able to build a high engaging rate audience and have a good pitch ready to catch the brand’s attention, then you can easily get paid for it.

2. Become an affiliate marketer

Unlike the influencer or sponsored content, this strategy is less about just promoting a brand but more about making out sales.

Affiliate marketing only works when you promote and make out sales you earn a certain amount of commission and obviously you don’t have to produce any product.

There are also drawbacks of doing affiliate marketing, it requires strategy because you need to sell that product with annoying your audience.

You have to promote an only genuine product if you really want to build trust and if you want to learn how. Click here.

Depend on your niche, you can recommend your favorite pens, or mascara, or dog food and provide the link or coupon in your bio.

Both links and coupons are trackable and you can easily track your record from there. You earn a fee or percentage for every sale.

3. Sell your own products

The last strategy for making money on Instagram goes beyond marketing and into the realm of actual e-commerce.

Owning your brand of products to sell other people’s products, sell your own. You put all efforts when it comes to building it.

If you already a business either it is traditional or direct selling then Instagram is the must option.

Turn your audience into customers may well be a natural fit. And with the rise of e-commerce platforms like Shopify and you have a high way to create a way to succeed.

Let’s start with the requirement...

Step 1:- Create your product

If you already own a business then you have an easy way to promote your product on Instagram else you can start a dropshipping business also via Shopify.

Dropshipping is a business model that usually consist of 3 people. You, your supplier and customer. You only need to find the winning product and creat a store via Shopify.

Step 2:- Build your product

You can actually build your own product or start a dropshipping business. Just search for the need of the people.

Step 3:- Set up your account so it’s shoppable

Create your Instagram and create your live store on Instagram with the help of Facebook. When you create a store, you can easily put a link to your product with the post.

Step 4:- Provide Quality for the customer

Quality is the best way, you can build recurring revenue for your business because when your customer will get the value from the product they will promote it further and that’s all you need.

Words of mouth are the best way of promotion and if you really want to learn the amount earning from Instagram then you can buy a course for that.

Last Thing

I must say to you to buy some courses related to earning from Instagram because if anyone will tell you about the earning you will not work with it.

Nothing is free and if it is free then it is not worth anything.

Contact us if you want to know further ways to make money online and offline.


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