7 Tips How You Can Save More Money from Salary

You know why you are not rich because you are not investing. If You are not saving much then how you are gonna invest more.

I know you may be thinking, why I am telling you to save more money to earn more money.

Have you ever heard anyone saying that I don’t have enough money to invest? Take an Example of yourself too if you are one of those.

If you are not saving enough then you are never going to be Rich because I know it personally, how much it is hard to save money if you have a middle-class lifestyle.

Hence, I’ve decided to give you a detailed guide to saving money.


Influence is like saving account. The less you use it, the more you’ve got.-Andrew Young

You need to save money because of the current needs, Your Future financial goal must be your first priority.

To build a better for your family or for yourself, you need to save or you must have a source of Passive income.

Building retirement savings and emergency fund creation is a necessity of life, which one cannot miss.

To secure your future, you must save money and then invest it.

More importantly, if you are working for some business or if you working with me then you may not have to think about that saving because you will have a source of Passive Income. Contact now.

Let’s start saving money

1. Pay Yourself First

Paying yourself first is one of the pillars of personal finance and considered the golden rule of many Financial planners.

You can create a new account with auto-deduction. That will deduct your amount from your Salary Account. Do not get the direct access of that bank account.

By Doing this you do not need to think about saving money after paying all the bills and other hustles.

Keep this continue upto 1 Years atleast with 10% deduction from your salary and after 1 Year, You will find a great amount saved without making any efforts.

2. Go Shopping With A List

Go for Buying a shoes and returned with a full bag of clothes. It happened with me and often happens with everyone.

Companies spend a lot on marketing one product which even leads you to buy more. Think about it again.

Whenever you go to Big Bazzar or any supermarket, you go to packet of muesli and ends up buying a Protein powder too worth 1800 Rupees. That’s Awesome Right or Not!

This is called Impulsive Buying. You can control it by making a list before going for the shopping. I always buy what i need and my bills stay under my control.

I often tell my parents about making a list before going to the supermarket and that actually save me a lot.

3. Make Monthly Budget

I know you will find it little boring but most of us don’t follow it. It is an old advice, may be that’s why you don’t follow it.

Trust me, you can save a lot of amount if you plan ahead with the Budget. Don’t spend much time like the professional but stay as simple as possible.

Just keep the record. Your next month budget will be prepared automatically.

Try out and comment below later.

4. Select A Good Saving Account

Many people keep their cash in Saving account. They lost the interest that they could earn by keep their money in fixes Deposit.

The interest rate offer by majority of banks is 3.5% on the best saving account in India. But there are some banks like Yes Bank and Kotak Mahindra Bank that offer interest rate up to 6% on saving account.

Then what are you waiting, Go get one account in those Bank or create a fixed deposit account.

5. Diversify your investment

Basically i belong to middle class where we are allowed to invest in LIC or Fixed deposit. If you like one of me then you are also doing this.

Actually you can save money by investing in multiple investment plans.

I am not saying to not invest in insurance-linked plan. Buy a term-insurance plan and invest rest of the money purely for the investment purpose.

Distribute your money in Fixed Deposits, PPF, Bonds, ELSS, mutual funds and equity market.

Take a little risk and make your chances greater.

6. Buy A Health Insurance Policy

A question may be arise in your mind. How i even say to buy a Health Insurance policy when you have to pay premium every year?

My Dear Friend, it’s better to invest to spend 10,000 per year on premium of Health Insurance rather than paying a big amount on treatment of unexpected hospitalization.

This is the only way, you are wasting your money and you are not expecting any return from it.

Diseases and accidents come without invitation. You may save couples of lakhs rupees on hospital expenses in case of emergency.

7. Make Online Booking on Travel, Hotels and Movies

I know you might be aware about all the portal for booking your online travel and hotels.

You must try one thing, You can combine credit cards, wallets and discount codes to get the maximum discount.

Keep Booking more online and save more for offline.


You are doing most of the thing that is written in this blog but you are playing smart. This is actually the ways how you can more money online.

Keep this points in your mind, May be you will find a great difference in your bank account with an Year.

Keep loving and keep sharing.

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